Kalamazoo Eagles Bi-Laws


The Kalamazoo Eagles Hockey Organization (KEHO) is a non-profit organization and its purpose is:

1.0 To provide student-athletes from Kalamazoo-area high schools (without varsity ice hockey programs) and high-school level home-schooled student athletes an opportunity to compete for a position on a high school hockey team known as the ‘Kalamazoo Eagles’.

2.0 To annually ‘recruit’ and select eligible players for a team that competes as a member of the Southwestern Michigan High School Hockey League (the ‘League’).

3.0 To provide a program of coaching for team members commensurate with other teams in the League.

4.0 To govern team operations in a manner consistent with the educational values of interscholastic athletic competition and the rules and regulations of the League.


1.0 Board Purpose: The Board of Directors shall be representatives of the parents of the team members and shall serve as the managing body of the KEHO.

2.0 Board Composition: The Board of Directors shall be composed of at least seven (7) parents of past or present team members (total number must be an odd number in order to break any tie votes). Every effort will be made to elect at least one (1), but not more than two (2) parents of past team members.

3.0 Election of Board Members: Election of the Board of Directors will be held prior to the end of each season for the following year. Parents shall be notified in writing as to the time, date and location for this election.

Election of the Board Members shall be conducted according to the following:

3.1 Nominations shall be limited to those who have indicated an interest in serving on the Board and shall fall into the following categories:

3.1.1 Parents of present team members.

3.1.2 Parents of past team members.

3.2 Only parents of present team members shall be considered eligible to place names into nomination and vote.

3.3 Only one (1) ballot per team member shall be cast. One ballot per parent, with a maximum of two votes for a players family shall be cast. Any voting discrepancies can be resolved by the board.

3.4 Each ballot shall indicate votes for:
3.4.1 No more than two (2) parents of past team members
3.4.2 No less than five (5) parents of present team members.

3.5 The nominees who receive the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.

3.5.1 If three (3) or more parents of past team members are among the nominees receiving the highest number of votes, only the two (2) individuals receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected within this category of nominees.

3.6 The Board Chairperson or his/her designee shall preside.

4.0 Powers and Responsibilities of the Board:

4.1 The Board of Directors shall:

4.1.1 Set player dues and determine appropriate revenue-generating activities.

4.1.2 Determine an annual expenditure budget, including compensation for the coaching staff and provide budget for review by the team constituency parents.

4.1.3 Annually engage the services of a head coach and his/her assistant(s). The Board will make every effort to make this determination prior to the end of the year.

4.1.4 Annually establish guidelines and goals for the coaching staff based on input from parents, administrators and the coaching staff.

4.1.5 Provide constructive feedback to the coaching staff at mid-season and at the end of the season.

4.1.6 Approve all KEHO supported activities.

4.1.7 Appoint KEHO Administrators from a list of nominated parents of past or present team members (administrative positions may be, but not necessarily, filled by Board members).

4.1.8 Appoint interested parents of team members to administrative and Board vacancies as they may develop.

4.2 Board Meetings

4.2.1 Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly during regular hockey season (October-March). All parents of team members are requested to may attend.

4.2.2 Special meetings may be called by any three (3) members of the Board.

4.2.3 Five (5) Board members present constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

4.2.4 A simple majority of the Board members present is needed to approve business transactions.

4.2.5 The last fifteen (15) minutes of each regular meeting will be set aside for parents to express concerns, make comments, offer ideas, and/or state opinions (parents’ comments to the board may also be submitted in writing).

4.3 Board Officers

Officers shall be selected annually by the Board from the Board’s membership during the first meeting following the Board’s election determined by election of board members under section 3.0 and shall perform the following duties:

4.3.1 Board Chairperson Presides at all meetings of the organization. Appoints committees as necessary. Performs all duties as may be given him/her by these by-laws.

4.3.2 Assistant Associate or Co-Board Chairperson Performs the duties of the Board Chairperson in his/her absence or at his/her request.

4.3.3 Secretary Conducts official correspondence at the direction of the Board Chairperson and Board of Directors. Keeps records of organization business. Prepares (in writing) and distributes provides access to all team member parents Board meeting agenda, date, time and place at least five (5) days previous to any Board meeting. Records and distributes minutes of all Board meetings. Maintains a roster of present team members, parents and coaches, including phone numbers, mailing addresses and school they represent. Maintains a written phone chain (fan-out) list for contacting players and parents in case of schedule changes or when information needs to be distributed. Performs other duties as may be required by the Board of Directors.

4.4.4 Treasurer Collects all dues and other funds paid to the organization. Writes checks when directed by the Board. Keeps an accurate record (balance sheet) of all funds and shall submit a report of the same to the meetings of the Board of Directors and will submit them for auditing when requested by parents.

4.4.5 Program Athletic Director Serves in the capacity of an athletic director regarding team/League affairs. Supervises the coaching staff and verifies coaches credentials and certifications. Serves as a liaison between the team, the players’ home schools, the League. Maintains a roster of present team members, parents and coaches, including phone numbers, mailing addresses and school they represent. Maintains a written phone chain (fan-out) list for contacting players and parents in case of schedule changes or when information needs to be distributed.

4.4.6 Team Manager Schedules ice, officials and non-league games. Distributes or provides access to schedules to parents and/or players. Facilitates player recruitment.

Note: The positions of Program Director and Team Manager may be combined whereby one individual fulfills both roles.

4.4.7 Members at Large The member at large is responsible for ensuring that parent volunteers are in place for all Board and League activities as needed.

Note: When the positions of Program Director and Manager are combined, there will be two Board members servings as members at large. As appropriate positions and duties on the board can be temporarily combined or reassigned by the board. If a replacement for a position is required, the board may combine or reassign duties with a permanent replacement to be voted on by the parents of the team within 30 days.


1.0 As with all clubs and organizations, the KEHO cannot function without the efforts and commitment of VOLUNTEERS. Therefore, all parents must be responsible for their part of the organization. A list of each parent’s duties and responsibilities will be reviewed at the beginning of each season. Volunteers are generally needed for the following duties (but not limited too): scheduling security/ticket/penalty box parents, assisting with League activities, keeping statistics, team fund raising and coordinating team party.


1.0 Duties and Responsibilities

The Head Coach shall be approved by the Board of Directors and shall perform the following duties in a manner consistent with the philosophies of interscholastic athletic and the goals of the KEHO.

1.1 Selects assistant(s) with the approval of the Board of Directors.

1.2 Determines player selections.

1.3 Plans and coordinates all on-ice practice and dry-land sessions during the season, as well as off-season conditioning.

1.4 Conducts player meetings.

1.5 Makes recommendations to Board of Directors regarding equipment, uniforms, scheduling, and team activities.

1.6 Provides necessary leadership and hockey instruction-directly and through his/her assistant(s)-to maximize teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual skill development.


1.0 Each team member will pay membership dues (amount set by the Board of Directors) in full by the date of the first scheduled League or non-league game per a schedule established by the board. The Board may request that a portion of the dues be paid at an earlier date.

2.0 No team member will be allowed to participate in any practices or games scheduled on or after the full-payment date referenced in 1.0 above until payment of is received in full or arrangements have been made and approved by the Board.

March 2004 Article VI of the By-Laws was amended as following:

3.0 Refund of Dues: There are no ‘refunds’ given after the first payment is made except for an unusual circumstance, in which the Board of Directors may approve partial or full refunds.

4.0 Offsetting Dues: Each player will have an opportunity to offset the dues they owe and raise funds for the team through a revenue generating activity. The revenue collected by each player, through the activity, will first be applied to offset the dues owed by the player. After the player’s dues have been covered, any remaining revenue goes to the team’s general fund to be used by the team as decided by the Board of Directors.


1.0 Funds may be available to assist players with partial payment of membership dues. The availability of scholarship funds and the deadline for application will be announced at the first parent meeting each season.

2.0 Players or their parents may submit a written request demonstrating financial need to the Board within ten (10) days of team selection.

3.0 A committee consisting of the Treasurer and two other Board members The board of directors will review the scholarship requests and determine eligibility.


1.0 Although most problems that arise within any organization can be resolved on an informal basis, a complaint resolution procedure is established to provide a formal method of expressing complaints, concerns or disagreements relating to the operations of the KEHO.

2.0 A team member, parent, coach or Board member who has a complaint, concern, or disagreement relating to the operations of the organization (coaching staff, referees, travel games/arrangements, team members, Board members, etc.) shall follow these steps:

2.1 Verbally discuss issues with Program Athletic Director and attempt to resolve the complaint/concern.

2.2 If the Program Athletic Director’s solution is unsatisfactory or the first step is not appropriate, the person shall submit the complaint/concern in writing to the Board Chairperson.

2.3 The Board Chairperson will schedule a meeting with all involved parties and attempt to resolve the complaint.

2.4 If the second solution is not satisfactory, the complaint/concern will be addressed by the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting as outlined in the By-Laws in Article II, section 4.2.


1.0 Any team member, parent, coach or Board member may be suspended or expelled from the organization for repeated violations of these By-Laws, or rules (Appendix A) or for other reasons and actions injurious to the organization or in direct violation of its objectives. Such suspension or expulsion will be made effective by a three-fourths (3/4) affirmation vote of the Board members present at a meeting called for that purpose. No vote may be taken unless written notice of the changes has been provided to the person(s) concerned, along with the date, time and place of the meeting called for that purpose, at least 14 days prior to such meeting. At that meeting, the person(s) involved shall be given time to present their position and actions on the issues.


1.0 The By-Laws may be amended through the following steps:

1.1 At the request of the parents of three (3) or more current team members, a committee will be selected by the Board of Directors to consider and/or develop proposed changes
1.2 A Board Member The Board Secretary will notify (in writing) all parents of current players of the proposed changes and a Meeting will scheduled to consider those changes.
1.3 The committee will present its recommendations at the meeting scheduled for parents.
1.4 A vote on the changes will take place at the meeting. A simple majority of the members present is needed to implement the proposed changes to the By-Laws.